Monday, October 1, 2012

Ant World Update Update

So, having completed (well good enough for now) the materials stage of the ant landscape update.  I decided to try adding automatic foliage.  I haven't started coding the python yet, but wanted to manually create a scene to start coding.  I created a simple scene with materials from the script and then added trees with a manual weight map.  To create auto tree generation I've got to auto generate the particle density weight map in python with two criteria, height and slope.  I've also got to auto generate a tree from simple geometry and finally give that tree a foliage like material.  Then I apply a particle system to the terrain with the tree as the object(this is the easy part since I already have all this code from the cloud generator)  Anyway I did this manually to see how it would look before I start and here is what it looks like:

Ant Landscape with trees.

Note: right now the script is broken with absolutely current version of blender from graphicall or buildbot.  I am waiting to fix it when 2.64 comes out so I can tell everyone to use the release version.  Cycles changes so much I need a stable release with current features so I don't chase my tail so much.