Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whirl Part 1 completed.

So long time no post.  My brother has been hard at work again with his class of students.  I think they did a superb job with the time and resources they had.  There is a lot of blender in here.  I did a lot of the rendering, the particle systems and modified the famous Agus3d scene to render the fly down the river in cycles.  Most of the river shots were done in Blender Internal, but the rest was rendered in Vue.  The king rising out of the river, smoke and transition from water to solid was done in blender with mostly cycles and Blender internal for the smoke and fire.

I have been working on the film in my spare time but have been busy moving and other various things.  I have actually completed most of the animation for two shots of the film.  Right now I'm putting cycles hair on my characters.