Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glasses the Movie Blog....

I am an amateur filmmaker and back in the day I have produced two feature live action films.  It is my hope over the coming years to produce (in my spare time) another.  Due to my lack of resources I will be using mainly open source software and this film will be entirely computer animated.  The background to this blog is one of the sets I designed in blender 3d and rendered in luxrender.  I hope to slowly add more and more artwork until I can develop the entire movie.  Up to this point I have been using and works in progress forums, but I decided to create this blog so I can coalesce all of the art of this project in one location.  I also hope I can use this blog as a sounding board so others can give their opinion (please be tough).  This project will not be successful unless I adhere to the absolute highest artistic standards.  I also want to be up front and state that this is a Christian film.  I am a Christian and one of the things I learned about my first two films is that if you are not passionate about the content of the film you may as well not do it.  That being said I do not mean in any way to slight other religions or beliefs (although the content of the film may do so, I have absolutely no intention of angering opposing opinions I merely want to articulate my own) and I encourage all input (preferably constructive).  I humbly thank you for reading and hope you enjoy this blog.

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