Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Still working on the street.

If you're following the blog, please forgive the way too many works in progress, I guess I'm using this as a sort of diary, even if no one besides myself is reading it:)  I am prone to getting off on tangents, but I've really enjoyed doing virtual tours of small town america looking for buildings I REALLY LOVE.  The buildings here come from Baker City,OR and Bozeman Montana.  All of this still fits fine in GPU memory (2gb) and each of these renders were under five minutes.  All of these buildings are linked into a main set and then particulars of characters and cars are linked into a shot file, works great with cycles.

I kind of have a fun time looking at this as a sort of scrap book.  I would LOVE any comments on how to make it better etc though if you're interested.


  1. I'm reading your blog! I've even got it bookmarked to see what your up to. Which building is the hotel in Baker city?

    1. Geiser Grand is the white building on right (haven't finished it) I still have to put the turret and finish the lower half, but I will.... thanks for reading:)


  2. I'm reading too

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