Sunday, September 30, 2012

You know you have a son when...

So blender nation had free clone troopers and my son wanted to see what 1 million looked like.  I dupliverted 280,000 and slowed blender to a crawl, so I just copied an instance 10,000 times, here's only 10,000, as close as I could get to a million.... yeah I know, this movie ain't ever getting done with so many tangets, but hey, why not....

Edit: So last night I got dupliverts working and I maxed out at 280,000.  I'm going to try the VBOs with the array modifier next (thanks for the input)


  1. To make 1 Million, and keep Blender humming, go to user preferences, choose the system tab, and check VBOs. Then go back to the main window and keep making clones!

  2. also you can change the object display type to bounds - it will reduce the usage of memory.

  3. Replies
    1. Win7-64
      4 gigs ram
      blender 2.63.17 r49355
      Video card stinks.... ATI 4870. My good card is in my render pc for cycles.

    2. Oh, yeah it's an old q6600 quad too, You could do this on pretty much any machine.

  4. Thanks, don't know if you can reach the million with 4 Gb but... who knows...
    It's a great job. Good luck ;)

  5. Hi! I just saw that the Rss of this website is functioning in a right way, did you all the properties by yourself or you simply left the initial settings of the widget?